Do you wish you had more powerful words? Could write with greater precision and concision? Had the power to make people feel, and compel them to act?

Over three brief lessons and exercises, we'll get you there. The Fenwick team has been doing this for 10 years for companies from Salesforce to Shopify and we've reduced 90,000 words of wisdom into just 9,000 words over three breezy lessons.

It's quick enough you can complete this while working full-time (you'll apply it to your actual work) and it'll impart a mindset that lasts a lifetime.

It's a course + Slack group

Three lessons at your own pace, from any time zone.

A structured, 3-question process you'll retain for life.

Discuss in Slack and learn with other senior folks.

Weekly exercises to apply to work.

Additional reading and examples of great writing.

A toolkit with diagrams, content templates, and example galleries.

A completion certificate

This course will give you the confidence to write things people love to read

  • Write faster and more efficiently
  • Use writing to figure out what you know
  • Use writing to vigorously persuade others
  • Find the exact right words for your ideas
  • Justify your writing decisions
  • Spot and fix the flaws in your writing
  • Charge more for your writing work
  • Help others do all the above
  • Write things like this

Visualize always being understood, multiplied across your career

Imagine getting more writing done each day, being questioned less, knowing which edits to reject, always having the right words, and better managing writers under you. All that in one course is quite a deal—given that you can complete it in less time than a cross-country flight for half the cost of the ticket.

At work, writing skills are power

We won't just train you to write clearer marketing content—we'll teach you to make yourself understood. That's a crucial difference. In a crowded office, you'll stand apart.

If you want, you can learn as part of a group

One of the greatest values is the people you'll meet. You'll get to join our writing Slack group for advice, job opportunities, to share your work. You'll also get to meet the whole Fenwick team. (Slack access is $20 per month. But buy before June and it's free.)

Writing this clearly just might change your life

It changed your instructor's.

How can you trust it's worth your time?

The team behind it is the real deal. We've grown our entire business through content marketing and uncommonly clear writing. Chris once wrote a 3,000-word guide on newsletters and two articles about it and that's it—and attracted a 9,000-person company and a $250,000 contract.

This is the kind of work we at Fenwick do for clients like Google, Salesforce, Bessemer Venture Partners, Gusto, Shopify, Stripe, Gainsight, Coupa, Marketo, Vidyard, and others. We rewrite ebooks so they generate 254 meetings, improve email click-throughs from 2% to 64%, and all manner of wild marketing outcomes based on on words.

This course teaches that sort of stuff. Examples of our writing, if you're curious:

Dead Broet's Society
. A Blog Is Not A Strategy. The Invisible Scaffold.

Now, perhaps you're skeptical

Maybe you're thinking, "If you're so good at this, why don't you just do it for yourself and make beaucoup bucks?" And that's fair. We certainly try to. But we're also a mission much larger than money. We want to inspire as much clear writing and design at work as we can. This course is a way to make good on our mission. Our hope is to give away the very best of what we have and create a learning center of courses and reach everybody who writes at work.

In fact, the first version of this course was 90,000 words long and did too much giving. We decided to be merciful and slim it down to 9,000. If you enroll and want more, we're happy to share.

Enroll and begin today

To inquire about bulk discounts, reach us at [email protected].

You can easily fit it in around work

We recommend taking one lesson per week. Here's how your schedule might look:

  • Monday, read the first lesson (20 min)
  • Tuesday, read the suggested reading discuss in Slack (25 min)
  • Wednesday, apply it to your work (30 min)
  • Thursday, apply it to your work (30 min)
  • Friday, discuss in Slack (20 min)

Repeat that for a total of three weeks. At the end, receive your certificate and leave with the skills to write with uncommon clarity.